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Clark Gable III

Clark James Gable aka Clark Gable III studied at the New York Film Academy and soon after completed his first film shot in Italy. Clark started his modeling career at age 5 and continued doing fashion modeling throughout his career.

"I love modeling. It is just something I've enjoyed and done for a long time- that and acting, flying drones, surfing, skateboarding, racing and just living a healthy lifestyle - It's what I do."

As a successful professional fashion model, Gable III modeled for all the top American & European designers over the entire span of his modeling career including: Vogue, Prada, Seventeen, Disney and Converse.

Gable was hand picked to endorse the famous Converse shoe company's campaign for Jack Purcell shoes - Clark's favorite sneakers.

Gable III has often been compared to his grandfather but in interviews has both embraced the good intentions and accolades while also distancing himself from such comparisons.

He was quoted in the Hollywood Reporter as saying:

“Acting in films - It’s in my blood, and I really want to do it just like my grandfather. But I don’t want to be compared to him in any way because I am different. I just happen to be born into these great circumstances, so I feel it gives me a great opportunity for what I want to do."

L-R: Paris Hilton, Clark Gable III, and Brooke Brinson
L-R: Paris Hilton, Clark Gable III, and Brooke Brinson
Actors Gerard Butler & Clark Gable III Flying Planes in LA

Clark Gable III spent many seasons and years as the TV Host and presenter on the popular hit reality television show series 'Cheaters' - which is syndicated in re-runs in over 120 countries about people suspected of committing adultery, or cheating, on their partners.

Clark James Gable himself made his own mark on the entertainment industry that many strive for but never achieve. Clark always looked at the show Cheaters as “fun” and just another great opportunity, and nontraditional “boot camp” of sorts, to get the experience he wanted in front of the camera to begin his ultimate passion of segueing into major motion pictures. The success Clark Gable III has had globally on TV is now forever a part of television history. Through international television syndication, young Clark will live on screen in reruns in perpetuity, and continue entertaining television viewers and putting big smiles on the faces of his millions of fans all over the world for many more years to come.

At the time of his death Clark was working on a major Gable biopic and additionally had 3 major film deals in the works – he was surely on his way. Alas, he left us much too soon.

Clark hosted the hit reality show 'Cheaters'

When Gable was not in front of the camera he enjoyed spending time with family and friends surfing, golfing, throwing the football around, skateboarding, fishing, skydiving, snowboarding and mastering the art of RC aerial photography and drone flying & videography. Many top celebs, Hollywood production companies and studios worked with Clark, known for his drone flying expertise - many of whom hired him for special film and video projects and sometimes private lessons - or just to have some fun in between acting projects.

Clark Gable III also was extremely charitable – yet he kept it a very low-profile and never sought public attention or accolades. Every weekend & holiday season Clark would personally buy and deliver meals for local homeless citizens living in his Dallas & LA neighborhoods. Gable III loved his fans and friends as much as they loved him and was known to create special video messages and personally visited many sick and hurting patients in the hospital including many that reached out to him for help and support over the years.

Clark was a hardworking, good-natured, loyal, family man with a heart of gold that loved his fiancé Summer and proudly doted on his beautiful new baby daughter named Shore Gable. Clark cherished family the most and loved his mother and father, stepfather, sister and siblings with all his heart.

Clark James Gable was an original. A one of a kind.

Clark will be forever missed.

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Several Nationally Recognized Clients including Prada, Vogue, Disney, Converse & many others


MTV, VH1, CBS, NBC, ABC, FOX, TMZ, E!, The Hollywood Reporter, Los Angeles Times, & many more


Acting, Modeling, Brand & Product Endorsements, & Charity Fundraising