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D Magazine

Meet Clark Gable, Host of Cheaters The grandson of that other Clark Gable talks about girl fights and getting drunk on limoncello. BY TIM ROGERS FROM D MAGAZINE JANUARY 2013 “THE CONFRONTATIONS ON THE STREET ARE […]

The Dallas Morning News

Clark Gable surveyed the chaos surrounding him on the sun-baked rooftop swimming pool at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in downtown Dallas. It wasn’t exactly Gone With the Wind, but it was a start. Gable, the […]


Clark Gable’s Grandson Keeps it Classy, Will Host Reality Show ‘Cheaters’ The grandson of legendary actor Clark Gable is doing his family proud: As he struggles to become a star of the silver screen himself, […]

W Magazine

From left: Clark James, Mirabelle Marden
Jack Purcell, the lesser-known Converse cousin to the Chuck Taylor, is breaking out on its own with a new ad campaign. Shot by Todd Selby (of The Selby fame), the ads feature the privileged offspring of prominent people who are now making a name for themselves. The bright young things featured include Clark James, grandson of Clark Gable;