by Alex Ben Block

As it enters its 13th season in television syndication the reality  show Cheaters has a new host with a famous old Hollywood name: Clark Gable.

The 23-year-old grandson of the late star of Gone With the Wind and more than 65 other features is an aspiring actor himself  but until recently has been limited to print work, modeling and a small role in a low-budget Italian film called Looking for Clara, shot last summer in Italy (but not expected to get a U.S. release).

Then came an audition in Burbank a few weeks ago, and Gable was chosen as the third host ofCheaters, replacing Joey Greco. Days later he was in Dallas shooting the first of 44 episodes of the show that will be produced for this season. They begin to air in some markets this summer and in others in the fall.

“We just felt it was time to freshen up the show with a new host,” says Bobby Goldstein, who created Cheaters in 1995 and has been the executive producer and driving force behind it ever since.

The show is unscripted and Gable insists not faked in any way. They really do walk into situations where wives, husbands and lovers confront a person who is cheating on them. People really are caught in the act.